Released Arc Master, a shooting RPG that collects beautiful girl heroes

On the 6th, King Kong Soft released a new shooting RPG, Arc Master.

Archmaster deals with the story of building a defense line and fighting, focusing on ‘heroes’, the only beings who can fight against humans who have built a civilization around the World Tree and mutants attacking from outside the realm. As of release, 30 types of heroes and 40 types of treasures appear, and you can develop your own strategy by forming a team with 3 types of heroes and combining them.

It has various PvP contents such as power struggles, boss battles, guild wars, and server wars. In particular, the arc war is a guild PvP that lasts for one week, and each guild competes around the occupied area. Anyone with a guild level of 100 or higher can participate, and in addition to PvP, you can earn personal points by hunting bosses and completing daily quests. Rankings are given according to guild and individual points, and ranking rewards are also provided.

Along with the release, an event where you can acquire the SSR hero Tina will be held. Tina is a human experimental subject and is optimized for dealing with multiple enemies while coordinating the mechanic unit. There are a total of 6 events, and you can activate a hero by obtaining Tina Shards using the Hero Summon Coupon that can be obtained through event missions. Even after Tina, a pickup event for one hero will be held every week.

In addition, through the Tina sortie event that begins, you will be given a chance to acquire the SSR hero Tina. As an item that can be acquired through gameplay, it is revealed that anyone can easily acquire it by acquiring and activating Tina’s pieces, and that Tina’s exclusive title can also be acquired through exchange.

In addition to this, several events are held. First of all, if you use a special coupon published on the official website, you will receive an SR hero, and you will also receive a dedicated coupon that is released hourly. In addition, cultural gift certificates are paid through a lottery among users who created characters, and various rewards can be received with Arc Crystal, an exclusive commodity that can be obtained through community activities.